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"We can accomplish anything we choose to achieve.  All it takes is knowing our worth and having the confidence."

Kimberly Miner

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Kimberly Miner


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As a survivor of domestic violence I know the experience of looking to others for love at the expense of ourselves.


After a 25 year journey of doing the work - as I started to connect and recognize within myself my own worth and confidence.

I am dedicated to being the shortcut for women who have survived their greatest struggle - to find their confidence and self - worth so they can move forward with their lives knowing they are enough.

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Guadalupe Silva, Detective

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Celeste Adam M.S.,
Client  Resources - Save the Family

"Save the Family was privileged to have Kimberly Miner share her inspiring and healing curriculum on surviving abusive relationships with our domestic violence survivors. She has a natural affinity for connecting with people, her dynamic, authentic style and demeanor really connected with our program participants!

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Image by Gabriel Silvério

Julie, Survivor
*identity is protected in name and picture

Hi! My name is Julie, and I visited your course on domestic violence. It was in the Shelter. I am very sorry that I was not able to complete the entire course, but I think this is very important for many people. How can I find out if you will be conducting other courses? I grew up for 18 years in a situation of domestic violence, and I need to become stronger and fix my mind and focus on the future and on the future of my children. Thank you very much for what you are doing.


Survivors & Confidence Building Programs

Domestic Violence Centers Survivors

First Respondent Programs

our mission

We provide a road map for domestic violence survivors to face, find, and move forward with their confidence, self -worth, and self -esteem intact.

Envision You

Victory of Violence

Kimberly brings a tremendous amount of value to the survivors who come through the program at Envision You Victory Over Violence. 


She is the Chairman/CEO of Envision You Victory Over Violence Nonprofit Foundation, and the Creator of  both the Envision You Summits, and the Fearless… The Next 5 Steps To Moving Forward after Domestic Violence Curriculum.


She takes her own experience and journey of finding her confidence and self -worth over the last 25 years.  It is the mission of the foundation to continue to help thousands of women find their confidence, self -worth and self -esteem and embrace their power who have been through that difficult journey of domestic violence.

When you work with Kimberly, you will have the opportunity to explore your own personal behaviors and how interrupting self-sabotaging habits with new action plans will create new opportunities.  Domestic Violence Centers, Universities/Colleges, Police/Sheriff Departments will have an opportunity to explore how the curriculum will provide much needed benefits to those they serve.

“We can accomplish anything we choose to achieve.” Kimberly Miner


No matter where you are at right now – whether its lack of confidence, major life adversity, lack of worth, or self – esteem in thinking you are incapable.  I’ve been there……   It’s allowing yourself to have faith and stepping forward into the unknown that’s where the opportunities are created.

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Phone: 248-622-0819

Registered Charity: 87-1394114

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