Envision You Program Partners

Covered In Prayer

Beautiful group of women who felt that is was God's words for them to come together with their sewing talents and create beautiful totes for women who have survived domestic violence and sex trafficking.  

We have been blessed to partner up with this amazing group that provides us with totes for each domestic violence survivor that completes our program.  It does not matter whether the program takes place at a domestic shelter or one of our survivor groups.

What an amazing way to end our programs by providing our survivors with a beautiful tote to let them know they are never alone and that they are worthy always.


Westwood Mesa High School

Westwood High School 

Their current program was started several years ago through Amazon as an opportunity for students to learn how to run a small distribution business and work with the community and business within the community.

This has afforded our nonprofit to be able to provide our domestic violence survivors who have finished are program and are transitioning into their new home a gift box of all the household items to start off while giving them a sense of worth.

We tell each survivor:

 Welcome Home!