25 Years Later... Are you letting it out yet????

Are you letting it out yet??? 25 years of anything is a long time, especially when you have experienced some form of trauma.

No matter where you are at right now – whether its lack of confidence, lack of self - worth, major life adversity, or self – esteem in thinking you are incapable.

I’ve been there……

Allowing yourself to have faith and stepping forward into the unknown that’s where you will find your opportunities are created.

Recognizing self - sacrificing patterns within yourself and seeing the imbalance of how you express emotions, voice opinions, defend your beliefs, and promote your advancement.

How do you start letting go and face the experience?

Create new habits in getting your needs met first, getting a piece of the pie, finding alternative plans to intersect known sabotaging behavior, becoming aware of your patterns, and understanding your "why" behind the patterns.

25 Years Later... Are you letting it out yet???

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