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Perspectives on Domestic Violence

What a great conversation with the host of Off Duty Radio Show Jeffry Queen, SAS®-AP.

What are the inner identity struggles survivors of domestic violence fight with moving forward that are beneath the surface no one sees.

There is a myth to set straight domestic violence sees no social economic class boundaries.

The emotional and verbal violence leaves no physical marks for anyone to witness.

And, discussion on the educational program that has shown great results with survivors going through the program with the domestic violence centers, universities, and police departments Envision You Victory Over Violence Nonprofit Foundation have worked with.

Envision You Projects

Envision You Victory Over Violence Nonprofit Foundation:


has a big mission and with that has come many opportunities to spend time with, work with, and inspire while also being inspired by those we (and myself) each day want nothing more than to help direct their decisions.

The project page will continue to update with all the wonderful survivors who continue to touch our hearts and inspire us in new ways that we ourselves will grow.

Our mission is to share these stories and if they resonate within you or your community - how can Envision You Victory Over Violence continue at the domestic violence centers, universities, and first responders in your area. 


It is so easy to overlook with all the amazing stories that it is with our sponsors that support  that makes these a possibility every time. 


All donations and sponsorships make this program a success!

Thank you

Kimberly Miner


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